Great Smiles

We love showing off our patients’ smiles almost as much as they do. We’ve also received some amazing words of thanks over the years… here’s a small sampling of the results of our work.


Check out Bret’s life changing Lampee Rejuvenation! His new upper implant dentures are secured with four permanent anchors and feel like a solid, sturdy set of healthy teeth. Bret couldn’t be more confident in his new smile!


Here’s Will’s completely rejuvenated smile. Simply stunning!

Very thorough check up and cleaning but gentle – I appreciate that.

Sharon Adams

Great work and service! Sleep dentistry is A+++ and makes it easier.

Catherine Storer

No trauma. No drama. Sleep dentistry is the only way I go to the dentist. Too many years of fears now there is a way. Try it. If youre afraid of going for dental help, fear no more. Sleep dentistry is almost like not going.

Penny Forrest

It was great! Couldn’t have been better.

Kristen Leichty

At the age of 50 I have had 4 dentists do root canals in my mouth. Dr. Lampee is the first dentist that has not put me in any pain during the procedure. It is also the first time I have not had complications afterwards with the tooth worked on.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lampee to all of my friends and family.

Another Happy Patient

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