We think we’re pretty great… but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our patients have to say about Sleep Dentistry Defined.

I am a new patient of Dr. Lampee’s, and I am so pleased with him and his entire staff.

I have always suffered from terrible dental-related anxiety and at times have neglected to see the dentist out of fear.

I was recently diagnosed with TMJ and sought out Dr. Lampee’s service based on a friend’s recommendation.

As soon as I entered Beaverton Smile Center, I was immediately put at ease by the professionalism and empathy of the staff.

As part of my treatment, I underwent a dental procedure that would normally have left me terrified, but thanks to sedation dentistry I was completely at ease.

Dr. Lampee is the BEST and I highly recommend him to anyone! Megan Lokis

I first came to the Beaverton Smile Center when one of my veneers had cracked.

I was new to town and didn’t have a dentist yet, so I took a leap of faith that Dr. Lampee could fix me up.

His staff was great and got me in first thing Monday morning!

I had a temporary on and in place that day and I was all set within a few weeks.

My wife and I are now patients. Jared Schoening

Dr. Lampee and his staff approach their practice and patients with a friendly, professional attitude and great amount of skill.

I have had a root canal and several fillings and cleanings and have found that the in-office experience is comfortable and relaxed.

As a busy professional, I am impressed that my limited time and scheduling needs are treated with great respect.

I also appreciate that Dr. Lampee uses modern techniques and equipment and works so collaboratively with his staff.

I always leave there knowing that I have been well cared for by a team of dental professionals.

I can’t imagine going anywhere else after the great experience I have had with Dr. Lampee and his team. Lisa Aasheim

Staff is very welcoming and helpful! Danielle Klick

My overall experience was amazing and couldn’t have been better!

I will tell my friends how helpful you guys are and how gentle Dr. Lampee was. Taylor Stewart

The people are nice and helpful.

They have personalities and senses of humor, which is great! is probably what I’d say. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt! Which is good. Tori Watson-Haley

Overall experience was excellent. I don’t see anything that needs to be improved on.

The service was great, everyone was very polite and answered all of my questions.

I found the experience relatively painless and if you ever need a tooth pulled I highly recommend Dr. Lampee. Willy

I had not been to the dentist in twenty years.

During that time three teeth broke, but they didnt hurt and they were in the back where no one could see them. I ignored them, because I was just too petrified. I had heard about sleep dentistry from some friends, but I didnt act on it until a few weeks ago. One of the broken teeth crumbled further, leaving a very sharp edge that was cutting my tongue.

I looked up sleep dentistry again. I actually drove by a couple of other offices, but decided to come to Dr. Lampees office.

After a complete set of x-rays, Dr. Lampee discussed what type of dental care I needed. There was no pressure. That first day, I was not ready to make any decisions. He did, however, file the rough spot on that one tooth so it would no longer irritate my tongue. A few days later, I made the decision to go ahead with the dental work.

Even with a root canal, a thorough cleaning, and an extraction in preparation for an implant, I dont remember the shots, the whine of the drill, or any of the scraping that goes along with these procedures. Later, when I went in to have the crowns put in place and they had to give me Novocain, I had never had the shots be so painless. Another Happy Patient

It was great! Couldn’t have been better. Kristen Leichty

After many years of trying to find a dentist that is right for me, I believe I just found the one.

While I have only visited Dr. Lampee a few times thus far, the care and comfort that he provides is top notch, with the personal touch and willing to go the extra mile that I haven’t seen from a dentist before.

Dr. Lampee always has the best attitude and willing to go the extra mile for your comfort and to make sure that you leave any anxiety at the door. Thanks Dr. Lampee. Aaron Muson

I waited 7 years to go back to a dentist.

In the summer of 2007, I cracked one of my back teeth. Though it gave me no pain, it was sometimes problematic to chew harder foods, as I tended to favor the other side of my jaw. I already had 4 pre-existing cavaties that I knew of before even going in. When I searched for a dentist to finally check me out, I went off the reviews of others, as well as online testimonials.

Sometimes I am jaded and don’t believe the hype, but when it came to Dr. Lampee, he lived up to every one of my expectations.

The inital exam indicated I had a lot of work that needed to be done. Of course I was scared but he assured me of many options available, include the ever popular conscience sedation, which I choose in a heart beat. He prescribed me meds for the night before to help me relax and then some to take in the morning of the procedure.

I barely remember anything but what I do remember is, everyone there, not just the Dr. being the most pleasant people ever. They treated me and my aversion to dentistry with empathy. I’m typing this the very next day of my procedure and would definitely tell anyone, even a stranger, that regardless of your dental needs, Dr. Lampee and crew are the finest I’ve met in the field.

I’m not going to hesitate to go back and I definitely won’t hesistate to tell others to go to him. He’s a great dentist and has a great staff. I have a few more follow ups to do but then will be a regular of Dr. Lampee’s for as long as he is in practice.

I can’t stress enough, if you have a fear of the dentist, give this guy a shot, you will change your tune by the time he works his magic and you’ll want to shout it from the hills of Murray for all to hear.


A guy that has had a fear of dentist’s his whole life.

P.S. Not anymore though, thanks Doc! Michael Snider

I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Lampee’s. When I went it for the first time, I was struck by the personal nature of the office and the friendliness of everyone there.

Dr. Lampee is patient, and spends a fair amount of time getting to know you, which feels great.

It seems now that at least half my office goes to Dr. Lampee. I predict the other half will start in 2010! Another Happy Patient

My experience with Dr. Lampee is always so positive.

The professionalism and kind down-to-earth care is exactly what my family and I were looking for.

As a young ambitious dentist, I’m excited that Dr. Lampee will be our family’s dentist for at least a couple of generations.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lampee and his staff. Greg Nourse

Great work and service! Sleep dentistry is A+++ and makes it easier. Catherine Storer

From the minute I walked in it was a great experience.

The office smelled good, not like any dentist office Ive ever been to. I received a warm welcome, was offered a variety of things to drink, they had a large screen TV with a nice movie going and some children were playing with toys in the waiting room.

There was the usual papers to fill out but they accepted my ODS insurance and helped me with financing my out-of-pocket for my crowns and fillings.

The doctor was very thorough and really put me at ease. I had my first crown and still need some more fillings but I know I will be going back until I get all of my work completed.

I work nearby at NIKE so it was very convenient for me to go over on my lunch hour.

I have to say the staff was also very kind, I had a blanket and got a paraffin dip for my hands while they took my x-rays.

I highly recommend Dr. Lampee and his great staff. Another Happy Patient

Very thorough check up and cleaning but gentle – I appreciate that. Sharon Adams

At the age of 50 I have had 4 dentists do root canals in my mouth.

Dr. Lampee is the first dentist that has not put me in any pain during the procedure.

It is also the first time I have not had complications afterwards with the tooth worked on.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lampee to all of my friends and family. Another Happy Patient

Informative, listens, explains procedures.

Gives pluses and minuses of suggested procedures. Michael Sadores

Thorough cleaning; very precise guidance. Very Friendly. Ron Fasnowicz

Completely relieved any sense of fear. Extremely gentle and pro-active friendly. Very competent staff.

Will have no problem coming to see Dr. Lampee based on my experience. Colleen Sadores

Dr. Lampee and his entire office staff is professional, friendly and so pleasant to work with.

Not only are you welcomed with bright smiles, they also offer tea, coffee and water while you wait… which in my experience is never long.

With new equipment, fabulous customer service and bedside manner, why would you go anyone else? Another Happy Patient

Since adopting Dr Lampee as our familys dentist, going to the dentist is a pleasure.

Its obvious that Dr Lampee and his staff make the patients experience their number one directive.

The staff is second to none and the office is extremely comfortable.

A couple of key points we would like to mention that are very important to us:

1. Dr. Lampees Novocain shots are excellent- you almost dont know you are getting a shot.

2. The office runs on schedule-we are not kept waiting in the lobby for long periods of time.

3. We have never had a billing issue or an insurance surprise.

Because of the great care we receive, we enjoy telling others about the dental experience they could have by visiting Dr Lampee.

It really changed the way we felt about going to the dentist. Rebecca Ching

From the very first greeting, Dr. Lampee and his staff made us feel welcomed!

My husband has had very extensive oral surgery and throughout all the steps, the care and attention he was given have been a blessing to us!

I am looking forward to, in turn be a Dr. Lampee patient because with my husband’s positive results I feel confident to have him work on my teeth.

We enjoy talking to Lisa and Jennifer they make us feel at home.

Thank you Dr. Lampee for restoring my husband’s smile and confidence! Nicole White

The Beaverton Smile Center has been the BEST dental experience I have ever had.

My past dental experiences have been traumatizing.

Dr. Lampee’s staff has made each appointment relaxing.

Plus Dr. Lampee is a specialist in his field.

I would recommend Beaverton Smile Center to anyone I know!

Thank you Beaverton Smile Center! Michele Parker

I am a dental yellowbelly, even at age 60 plus, and when I learned about sedation dentistry I found great hope for relief of my fears.

Dr. Lampee appeared in his internet ad as very personable and competent; indeed I was right!

Jade in the front office is wonderful, as are all his staff, and the sedation was a lifesaver for me: I dont remember a thing after having my entire lower teeth worked on ( a four hour endeavor). I had two crowns done and a bridge on my upper front incisor.

Now my smile is restored because of Beaverton Smile Center. Gary Bellows

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with your practice.

I for one have avoided going to the dentist because of the many occasions that I have gone have been quite difficult and painful. That being said the experience has left me just a bit apprehensive and almost frightened. I am sure many people share my sentiment.

I am so impressed with the way that you can put a person with deep anxiety at rest and not even remember what happened. Words cannot express how thankful I am for that.

My smile is important to me as well as my oral health. It has been difficult to take care of it with all the anxiety I have felt.

Now with you as my dentist I have no more worries.

You and your staff are some of the warmest, caring and professional people that I have met in the field of dentistry.

I am so appreciative of each and every one them and YOU. Thank you for the best dentist visits I have ever had and the BEAUTIFUL work you are doing on my smile. Another Happy Patient

I have (as have so many) had some very negative dentist experiences in the past, and tend to stay away from them unless in dire need.

Fortunately, my last emergency helped me find Dr. Lampee’s office!

Even though I showed up nearly an hour early and crying from the pain, I was helped into the waiting room.

Every single person I interacted with was nothing other than compassionate and friendly.

Moreover, my surgery itself was so fast and painless, I didn’t believe it was already over!

I recommend this office to anyone who will listen! Thank you so much. Claire

My first visit to Dr. Lampee’s office was pleasant and informative.

Although the office is very far from my home, I am happy to make the drive, as I feel that all the staff are professional and efficient.

I went in for a routine exam and learned that I had quite a bit of work that needed to be done, and that it would cost over $1000.

However, the staff explained my treatment plan and payment options in a way that made the investment less daunting.

I am pleased with the quality of dentistry and the chair-side manner of Dr. Lampee and his cohorts. Heather Craig

I’ve been in and out of waiting rooms and doctor’s offices for the past few years, but when visiting Dr. Lampee, I felt like I was more than just a chart.

I was a real person, one with questions and concerns; All of which he patiently listened to, and answered as though we were old friends.

He’s a definite must for any and all dental needs! Kayla

No trauma. No drama. Sleep dentistry is the only way I go to the dentist. Too many years of fears now there is a way. Try it. If youre afraid of going for dental help, fear no more. Sleep dentistry is almost like not going. Penny Forrest

You did a wisdom tooth extraction and “tooth #2” extraction on me today.

I want to say that I think your practice is ideal. You clearly are interested in comforting patients and integrating yourself into your practice.

I have fired my families previous dentist based on my visit today.

You should be proud of the practice you have developed.

Thanks for taking the stigma out of dentistry today for me. Isaac Forquer

I had a great experience at Dr. Lampee’s office. The dental hygienist was extremely nice, and didn’t get mad at me for not flossing or coming in for the 6 month appt on time like my last hygenist.

Dr. Lampee was very professional, and his equipment was much more up to date than my last dentist.

The location was a bit hard to find coming in from Murray. Maybe a sign on that side of the street would help too. Also, the reserved spaces were confusing at first, but maybe that was just me!

The cavity appt I had was also a good experience. Again, he was very professional and quick. I had some issue with my teeth not feeling as polished as before following the appt though. I also think that there was some of the filling material stuck on my teeth that I eventually picked off myself. I let Dr. Lampee know about this and he said to come in and get the polish; however, after a few weeks my teeth felt the same as before. Thank you! Another Happy Patient

Dr. Lampee and his staff are very kind and respectful.

They all greet you with smiles when you walk into the office and are very considerate to you and your concerns about the work they will be doing for you.

I recently had a crown replaced and Dr. Lampee and his staff were great.

He answered all my questions and concerns and made sure I understood what was going to happen.

Dr. Lampee even called my home to see how I was doing with the temporary crown since it would be about a week or so before the permanent crown was placed.

It’s nice to find a doctor that cares about you and the outcome of your dental procedure. Jolene

I hadn’t been to the dentist for ages when I discovered the Beaverton Smile Center. Dr. Lampee and his staff are friendly and professional.

I was very nervous about the dentist and I was soon set at ease. They do quick work and it is always done well.

I love these guys and would highly recommend them to anyone…especially if you are phobic about dentists, cuz they make you feel at home. Plus, they play cool music while you are in there 🙂 Dana Kerr

After 55 years of dental treatment sometimes marginal at best, I have truly found an excellent dental clinic.

Dr. Lampee and staff explained my procedures step by step and made my experience very painless.

Work performed matched my cost estimates. The hygienist was the best I have encountered.

I have strongly recommended Dr. Lampee to my family and friends. Rick Reeves

My husband referred me to Dr. Lampee. I hadnt been to the dentist in 2 years because I dont have dental insurance but I was pretty sure I had a few cavities; so I went.

I never minded going to the dentist but I always hated getting Novocaine shots. I can handle vaccines, epidurals, you name it, but for some reason the little pinch in my gums was something I detested.

My x-rays revealed 7 cavities so you can imagine I wasnt too thrilled about my upcoming visits. I couldnt be more pleased with Dr. Lampee though. Not only are his shots painless but he is easy to talk to and shows interest in his patients.

The office smells amazing, he gives you a paraffin dip and has complementary beverages! The entire staff at Beaverton Smile Center is so friendly that I look forward to my appointments!

The moral of the story is: Dont wait 2 years between visits and call Dr. Lampee! Hes the best! Ona Schoening

My daughter and I recently became new patients of Dr. Lampee. His staff really worked with me to determine insurance coverages – and what we could afford.

We made a plan of attack and tackled some of the more immediate needs and will complete the rest next year.

I feel on track and am making no interest payments, and I got my smile back (after cracking and losing a crown – yuck!)

Jade and Cindy at the desk are absolutely amazing… they researched our insurance and oulined it for me.

My daughter was moved from my insurance to my husband’s earlier this year – and Cindy suggested that I resubmit a claim for orthodontic coverage because his plan covers it (where mine didn’t). I took her suggestion – and guess what… they refunded us over $1,300!! We’re paid off! Thank you! Kathie Manchester

Prior to finding Dr. Lampee I had such high anxiety of the dentist that it came to the point that I just avoided dental work all together. A little over a year ago I sat anxiously shaking from head to toe, sedated on muscle relaxers, and clenching my mouth shut when Dr. Lampee entered the room for the first time.

Now going to the dentist is an experience that I would have never imagined that it could be. I’m not saying that when Dr. Lampee greats me and tells me that he is happy I am there that I say the same thing back, but I no longer shake from head to toe or have to take muscle relaxers when going to see him. I even leave the office smiling after every visit. I spent thirty years not smiling because of my teeth, and I am excited I found Dr. Lampee to help me smile again.

The Smile Center has the most consistent staff that I have ever come across. They are all friendly and professional every time you have an encounter with them. All of the staff are always willing to answer questions and are extremely helpful. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a wide variety of magazines that are always up to date. Brandi Gross

It was great! Couldn’t have been better. Kristen Leichty

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