Dr. Lampee is a regular guest on KATU’s AM Northwest, and has had several patients share their success stories with video testimonials. Here are a few of our favorite clips.

Infections and Your Health

These days, we have so many better options than the dentures of old. With advanced dental technology, we can replace one troublesome tooth or even all of the teeth with a snap-in, snap-out or screw-in implant that looks and feels just like real teeth. I’ve had many patients come in over the years that feel like they’ll never be able to smile again. But with the technology available to us today, we can completely transform your smile and help you regain the function of your old teeth, and your confidence as well.

Infections and Your Health

Many patients are surprised when I tell them that neglecting dental health can cause issues elsewhere in the body. That’s because your body works as a complete system: if one part of this system becomes weak or infected, other areas often have to do double-duty when it comes to fighting infection and trying to heal the body. Helen Raptis and I discuss dental infections and what you can do to make sure you have optimal dental and full-body health.

Dental Infections

Patients come in with persistent health issues all the time. They don’t even think their problems are related to dental health because their symptoms are in other places: their throat, sinuses or elsewhere in the body. But all of these systems can be impacted by dental infections. Helen and I discuss some of the issues I see and how they can be treated.

Overview of Implant Dentures

Today on AM Northwest, Helen and I discussed the benefits of implant dentures over traditional dentures, and the different ways they can be done. So many of my patients have regained the ability to chew and talk, and have regained the confidence lost with their original teeth!

Fixing Old Mercury Silver Fillings

Many of my patients come to me (sometimes after many years without seeing a dentist) with a very common issue – deteriorating old fillings. They used to be made with mercury and silver – but not anymore! With the latest porcelain fillings and implants, we can remove those metals from your mouth for good. Porcelain not only looks better, but it is strong and durable too.

Dental Implants

This time on AM Northwest, I spoke with Helen Raptis about an extremely useful procedure that we specialize in at Sleep Dentistry Defined: dental implants! Dental implants are used when a tooth – or several teeth – are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. By fitting anywhere from one to eight implants, we can permanently anchor new, porcelain implants that feel and look fantastic!

Lampee Rejuvenation TV Ad

Check out Sleep Dentistry Defined’s latest commercial! Dr. Lampee and the entire Sleep Dentistry Defined team are here to help you completely transform your smile and restore your confidence. Call us today for a consultation!

Lampee Rejuvenations

I joined Helen Raptis on AM Northwest recently to talk about the best way to restore your smile – a Lampee Rejuvenation! It’s the method that we’ve developed at Sleep Dentistry Defined to completely restore a smile that may have been damaged by long term health problems, lots of small issues over the years, or even past dental work that isn’t holding up as well as it should.

Permanent Dental Implants

This time on AM Northwest, Helen and Dr. Lampee talk about permanent implant dentures! With all-porcelain permanent implant dentures, you get the best feel possible while completely transforming your smile. And by planning your procedure ahead of time, we can now complete the procedure in as little as one day.

Rhys' Lampee Rejuvenation

One of our outstanding patients, Rhys, just had dental implants done with a Lampee Rejuvenation at Sleep Dentistry Defined. In just a couple of appointments we completely rejuvenated his smile! Rhys is so excited to have his smile back!


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Mel's Lampee Rejuvenation

Mel has been dealing with failing teeth for many, many years. He came to us to discuss his options, and we created a personalized Lampee Rejuvenation plan just for Mel. Mel was absolutely thrilled with the results, and now enjoys the health benefits – and confidence – of having a completely restored smile!


AMNW: Treating receding gums

This time on AM Northwest, Helen and I discuss the causes of and what you can do about receding gums. Its a very common problem, and thankfully, there’s also a simple solution that we have mastered at Sleep Dentistry Defined!

Dr Lampee and Marlee on AMNW

Marlee, one of my recent patients, joined me on AM Northwest to talk about her amazing smile makeover. We completely transformed her teeth in just two visits!

Dr Lampee and Patient Helen

This time on AM Northwest, I invited my patient Helen to share her incredible story. Her teeth were badly diseased, but with a few appointments we were able to completely makeover her smile with a set of implant dentures. She not only looks great, but by removing the diseased teeth, Helen is healthier than ever!

Patient Cherie on AM Northwest

My patient Cherie talks about her implant dentures.

Dr Lampee talks about Lampee Rejuvenations

Helen and I recently got to discuss a topic I am very excited about: The Lampee Rejuvenation! It utilizes the dental techniques that Sleep Dentistry Defined is known for, and pairs them with our unique, results-driven approach to improving the health and confidence of our patients.


Crohn's Disease and Dental Health

My patient Arielle and I discuss how we helped her on this week’s AM Northwest.

With patient Bambi on AM Northwest

Let me introduce you to Bambi, one of my favorite patients. She is so proud of her new smile that we both wanted to share her experience with you!

With Patient Bonnie on AM Northwest

Bonnie, who fought – and beat! – cancer shares her wonderful success story.

Dr. Lampee on AM Northwest

I talk about the difficulties of oral health when a patient has a stomach issue, like Crohn’s Disease or acid reflux, and what can be done to restore the teeth while battling one of these common health issues.

Dr Lampee and Patient Bill on AMNW

By tackling all Bill’s dental problems at once instead of fighting infection tooth by tooth, we were able to give him a smile that he can be proud of every day!

Dr. Lampee and Christie on AMNW

Due to some old fillings and cavities underneath, Christie came to us to help her restore her dental health. We used porcelain veneers to completely transform her smile! Christie is absolutely thrilled with the results!

With patient Scott on AM Northwest

My good friend and patient Scott joined me to talk about his recent smile makeover.

Parkinson's Disease and Dental Health

We discuss how we addressed dental issues for my patient, Bob, and how that has improved his quality of life.

Diabetes and Dental Health

My patient John and I discuss his experience with diabetes, and how that has affected his dental health.