Lampee Rejuvenation

A Lampee Rejuvenation is Sleep Dentistry Defined’s unique approach to dentistry, and it has been specially designed for patients who don’t like going to the dentist or who have unique dental challenges that they’ve struggled with for years or even decades.

Our approach to each Lampee Rejuvenation is different than an experience at any other dental office. That’s because we’re experts at finding out what each individual patient needs in addition to having the advanced medical knowledge and training to get you the smile you want. We are patient-focused, and take time to listen to you, understand what is right for you, and to get to know you before we do any dental work.

The essential aspects of a Lampee Rejuvenation are…

First and foremost, it is an approach to dentistry, as opposed to a specific procedure. Because of this, Sleep Dentistry Defined is the only dental practice that can offer the incredible results of a Lampee Rejuvenation.

Patient understanding is a key component of a Lampee Rejuvenation. By understanding our patients’ needs before talking about specific dental procedures, we not only create better outcomes for our patients, but they gain confidence in our team, and they know that the dental decisions made will be right for them.

A calming, warm environment. Our office is unlike any other dental practice in providing comfort and tranquility, especially for those who would rather not go to the dentist at all! This includes sedation dentistry techniques and other advanced tools that help minimize patient discomfort and anxiety.

The Sleep Dentistry Defined team. Dr. Lampee has hand-picked an amazing team with the skills and ability to connect with and help all of our patients. Jenn, Lisa, Kristen, Makenzie and Dr. Lampee are all here for one reason – to help people get great smiles!

Advanced dental knowledge and technology. While a Lampee Rejuvenation is primarily an approach to dentistry, it also requires key dental skills, medical tools and the most up-to-date technology available.

Amazing results! The goal of every Lampee Rejuvenation is a smile that you can be proud of and will enjoy for years to come.