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As I’ve introduced you to our Lampee Rejuvenation over the last few weeks, I’ve talked a lot about what makes this approach to dentistry unique. We work with each patient to get a deep understanding of your needs before we start any dental work. We’ve created a warm, calming environment in our office to help patients get comfortable and heal. And ultimately we are looking for stunning results with each Lampee Rejuvenation!

One key piece that I don’t talk about as much, but is nevertheless a very, very important part of what we do, is the advanced knowledge and training of my team, paired with the high-tech dental tools that we have here at Sleep Dentistry Defined.

If you’ve been to Sleep Dentistry Defined lately, or have read some of my past articles, you’ll already be familiar with some of the unique tools we use to make our patients’ experience more comfortable, and better assess and attend to your dental needs. Our CT scanner, Wand, and even our ergonomically-designed seating have all been fantastic investments, as they give us the tools we need to ensure your comfort and make every Lampee Rejuvenation a success!


Of course, all these amazing tools would be useless if we didn’t have the training to use them! My team regularly attends training workshops to advance their skills, and each one of us brings unique skills to the office for our patients.

I’ve also been honing my skills at several workshops and certification trainings all over the US. In just the last few months, I’ve attended advanced trainings in Scottsdale, San Francisco and Los Angeles on all sorts of topics: Surgical & Restorative Dental Implants, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Successful Management of Prosthetic Implants… believe it or not one 3-day workshop focused entirely on “Restoring the Edentulous Arch”! (It was a fantastic, in-depth training that applies to all implant dentures). This is all so that we can offer our patients every possible path to help make their health better and smiles brighter!

As you can see, we’re constantly looking for new ways to provide our patients with the best technology and skills in the dental field! We love helping our patients feel healthier and happier. If you’d like to schedule an appointment at Sleep Dentistry Defined, give us a call!

-Dr. Lampee, DMD