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We love showing off our patients’ smiles almost as much as they do! Here’s what Sleep Dentistry Defined has done for so many of our patients.


Pami came to us for a full mouth crown and veneer rejuvenation.  She had been thinking about doing this for years.  We were able to get the work done in just a couple of short appointments.  She is loving her new smile!


Bill came in and needed a full Lampee Rejuvenation. With full mouth permanent implants we were able to totally restore his smile and help give him back confidence.


Allison came to use looking to rejuvenate her smile. Years of grinding and broken teeth had taken its toll. With a combination of crowns, LANAP laser gum therapy, and implants we were able to help her smile again!


Leslie was looking to rejuvenate her smile and with Dr Lampee’s crowns and veneers she got that confidence back!


Kailee was missing multiple teeth due to soft enamel and we were able to rejuvenate her smile with full mouth implants. She is so confident now!


Lori needed all of her teeth replaced and with full mouth implants and about 24 hours we were able to transform her life and smile. She can’t stop smiling now.


Ryan came to us after many years of not going to the dentist. He was ready for a change. With full mouth implant prosthetics, he is a new man. He feels healthy again and is ready to tackle anything life throws his way. Wow.


Sue came to us with loose and missing teeth and needed a new smile for her daughter’s wedding. Top and bottom implant prosthetics changed her life.


When we met Judy she had forgotten how to smile. With our life-changing upper and lower full implant prosthetics, she looks like a new person and feels great.


Before Ana came to Sleep Dentistry Defined, her teeth were worn, stained and full of leaking fillings. Her Lampee Rejuvenation – featuring six front porcelain crowns – is simply breathtaking. She loves her new smile, and so do we!


Alex didn’t like his smile. When he first visited us, he only had a couple front teeth left. He knew he needed to do something for years, but didn’t know where to start. Together, Dr Lampee and Alex created a personalized Lampee Rejuvenation plan to completely restore Alex’s smile. We removed all of his infected teeth and added 8 implants in his mouth along with our amazing snap in-snap out implant dentures. Alex’s new smile is fabulous, and he feels healthier already!


Kirk came to us because he was finally ready to smile. Genetically, he was missing most of his teeth, leaving him with just eight good upper and lower teeth. Because his teeth did not form normally, he didn’t have enough bone for implants. We were able to open his bite and do one porcelain bridge on top and one porcelain bridge on the bottom to completely rejuvenate his smile and chewing ability! We completed Kirk’s Lampee Rejuvenation in just a few appointments over a two-month time span. Way to go, Kirk!


When Warren came in, he wouldn’t smile, no matter how much we begged! His teeth were so bad that he actually forgot how to smile. In just four months we rejuvenated his smile with upper and lower implant dentures. He’s now a completely new man and can eat and smile again. Wow, what a change!


Mary came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for help getting her smile back after years of living with dental problems. We completely restored her upper teeth with new crowns, veneers and bridges, and her lower teeth with a screw-in permanent implant denture. See Mary’s incredible story!


Victoria came to us with many missing teeth and the teeth she had left were terribly infected. She felt that all hope was lost. She couldn’t eat or smile and she spent most of her time at home so she could avoid people seeing her teeth. We were able to complete a Lampee Rejuvenation for her, using a new set of implant dentures and she is a woman reborn! Her energy, health and vibrancy are back and now she can’t wait to see her grand-kids and appreciate each day!


An upper denture implants smile makeover.


A full mouth reconstruction with veneers and crowns. Another incredible reconstruction by Dr Lampee and his team.


An amazing full mouth reconstruction finished with porcelain veneers, bridges, and implants. What a transformation!


Check out Bret’s life changing Lampee Rejuvenation! His new upper implant dentures are secured with four permanent anchors and feel like a solid, sturdy set of healthy teeth. Bret couldn’t be more confident in his new smile!


Renee had a full implant denture reconstruction at Sleep Dentistry Defined. Wow, what a transformation!


Jerry came in for an implant denture reconstruction. We helped him build a plan for a personalized Lampee Rejuvenation that would restore his dental health. He can now eat again and loves his new smile!


Sarah came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for a complete veneer makeover. Simply stunning!


A full mouth reconstruction achieved with implants and porcelain veneers and crowns. How beautiful!


Upper Implant Dentures.


Check you out, Karen! She had a full mouth Lampee Rejuvenation with 8 implants and all-new prosthetics. Karen loves her new teeth and confidence, and so do we!


Larry came to us with his wife’s encouragement. He had battled cancer three times and it took a huge toll on his teeth and smile. We were able to do our full mouth implant denture reconstruction. He is a new man and feeling great!


Cynthia had leaking crowns that were very old and unaesthetic on her top arch. We removed all of the old dentistry and replaced it with new porcelain crowns and veneers. Now she has an amazing new smile and it took just a month to complete! Way to go Cynthia!


Pat came to Sleep Dentistry Defined with old, worn, unaesthetic dentures. We made her all-new teeth with proper aesthetics and did a lower implant denture so she could chew better. She loves her new smile!


Hellen got a full mouth implant denture reconstruction, and wow has her health improved! Her headaches are gone, she sleeps longer at night, and she was able to quit smoking. Go get ’em Hellen!


Dori came to us for a full mouth implant denture reconstruction. She loves her new teeth and feels so much healthier!


Dino was missing teeth for years, then finally decided he was ready for a change. So he came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for a Lampee Rejuvenation. He got full upper and lower implant dentures and feels like a new man! He loves his new smile and so do we!


We can’t stop talking about Mel’s Lampee Rejuvenation! He had lost many teeth over the years and was having trouble chewing. He didn’t smile and was thinking about retiring early because of problems related to his teeth. Compare that to the new, confident, revitalized Mel! He looks great, he feels great and can enjoy food he has been avoiding for years. Congratulations Mel! You look fantastic!


Check out Aki’s incredible Lampee Rejuvenation! He had all of his diseased teeth taken out, replaced with implant dentures, and four months later he’s a brand new man! He lost weight, he can smile again, and has more energy than he has had in a long time thanks to his improved health.


We did a full mouth implant denture reconstruction for Lisa, with 6 implants on the top and 4 implants on the bottom using snap-in, snap-out implant dentures. Lisa loves her new smile and now has much healthier teeth!


Heidi had 10 upper veneers done at Sleep Dentistry Defined. Just look at her incredible smile!


We completely transformed Clay’s teeth with 10 upper and lower veneers. What a great smile!


We just completed a full mouth crown and veneer reconstruction for our patient Melinda. She loves her new smile!


With porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges we were able to totally transform AJ’s smile. We took out a lot of dental work that was leaking and had cavities underneath. What an incredible new smile!


Beverly had old, deteriorating dental work and two missing teeth. She wasn’t proud to show off her smile, as you can see in the “before” photo. We redid all of the old work using brand new ceramic materials and the result is simply eye catching!


One of our patients, Marlee, had a full mouth veneer reconstruction done in just two visits! She is so happy with her smile, she can’t help showing it off! (Can you blame her?)


Queen was missing her lateral incisors genetically. After braces she needed to have two implants placed to restore her two missing teeth. We also did four veneers on the other front teeth to give her a beautiful smile. What a transformation!


A full upper veneer construction that totally wows! Christie had stained and crooked teeth and cavities that we were able to replace with a new, youthful smile in just two easy visits.


Liz underwent full mouth reconstruction to restore her worn and missing teeth. A beautiful result!


We just finished a full veneer reconstruction for Ken to restore his smile. He is loving life and just got engaged! He came all the way from Montana to get this work done.

Another Happy Patient

A full mouth reconstruction with porcelain crowns and veneers. An absolutely stunning result! Totally life transforming.


This smile makeover is dramatic! We transformed Rachel’s smile with a combination of implants, veneers, crowns, and composite fillings. Just awesome!


This patient had a reconstruction with implants and crowns to replace his missing front teeth. What a great smile makeover!

Another Happy Patient

This male patient had a full mouth reconstruction to restore his worn and missing teeth. A confident new smile!

Another Happy Patient

A full mouth reconstruction using implants and porcelain crowns. Wow!

Another Happy Patient

This transformation was done with 10 porcelain veneers. Another extremely satisfied patient!

Another Happy Patient

Another porcelain veneer smile transformation. This patient came all the way from Pennsylvania.


A full mouth veneer makeover. Stunning!

Another Happy Patient

An implant denture makeover. All teeth were removed and four implants were placed on each jaw to secure new implant prostheses. One of our favorites!


Bonnie had us complete a full upper arch makeover for her. She absolutely adores her new smile!


Bill deals with an autoimmune disorder which affects his intestines and dental health. We removed all of the low grade infections in his mouth, and he has felt better, had more energy, and his symptoms have improved. It has made a world of difference!

Another Happy Patient

A beautiful upper implant denture reconstruction makeover!

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