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Dr. Lampee regularly shares his knowledge online and on TV. He has appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest and has had several patients share their success stories in video testimonials. Here are a few of our favorite clips!

Sue’s Story

Let Sue explain her story and experience with Dr. Lampee.

Learn About Dr Lampee

Oregon’s choice for dental implants, laser gum rejuvenation, cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

Dr. Lampee and Kailey speak w/ AMNW

Learn how Dr. Lampee was able to help Kailey restore her smile

Dr. Lampee and His Patient Leslie on AM Northwest

Leslie and Dr. Lampee talk about veneers, crowns, and her life changing experience with Sleep Dentistry Defined on AM Northwest. She is now smiling more and no longer scared to go to the dentist.

Dr. Lampee on AM Northwest

Dr. Lampee explains how bacteria and what’s in our mouth can affect the rest of our body. By removing these infections, your body can allow your immune system get back to normal by not having to continually fight the infections of the mouth.

There are finally more and more studies showing the correlation of what’s in our mouth and how it affects the rest of our body.

Scott speaks about his life changing experience

Scott searched for years for the right dentist and he finally found us. With sedation we were able to do veneers and implants to totally rejuvenate his smile. This interview is 5 years after we finished his case and it is still changing his life for the better every day.

Dr Lampee with Patient Bonnie on AM Northwest

Today my patient Bonnie joined me on AM Northwest to talk about how we transformed her teeth. Bonnie, who fought – and beat! – cancer shared her wonderful success story with us and encourages others like her to be proactive with their health. She’s thrilled with her new smile and is enjoying life! Thanks for sharing Bonnie!!

Diabetes and Dental Health

My patient John and I discuss his experience with diabetes, and how that has affected his dental health. With new implant dentures, John has a much easier time maintaining his teeth, and that also has a huge impact on his overall health and quality of life.

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Laser Gum Rejuvenation and Dental Implants

During this AM Northwest interview Dr. Heath Lampee explains how various patients have come in to his practice with many health issues. A lot of these patient’s health issues end up being related to their teeth.

Dr Lampee and Patient Helen visit AM Northwest

This time on AM Northwest, I invited my patient Helen to share her incredible story. Her teeth were badly diseased, but with a few appointments we were able to completely makeover her smile with a set of implant dentures. She not only looks great, but by removing the diseased teeth, Helen is healthier than ever! She quit smoking, no longer gets migraines and she couldn’t be happier!

Dr Lampee and Patient Julie on AM Northwest

My wonderful patient, Julie, joined me last week on AM Northwest to talk to Helen about Julie’s complete smile makeover! Julie’s dental work was a huge undertaking, but she persevered and how has the most stunning smile.

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Permanent Implant Dentures

Snap-in, snap-out or permanent implant dentures: which option is right for you? Obviously, both are better than old-school dentures that fall out and feel awful!

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Implant Dentures

Helen Raptis and I discuss one of my recent implant denture patients, Victoria! Victoria’s life was completely transformed when we removed her diseased teeth and replaced them with an entirely new smile. Now that her body isn’t fighting so many infections in her mouth, she feels better and has so much more energy!

Larry’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Watch our interview with Lampee Rejuvenation patient Larry. He came to us after years of dental and health issues thanks to encouragement from his wife. And he’s so glad he did! He feels completely transformed and is enjoying his new smile just a few months after his first visit.

Reverse Gum Disease at Sleep Dentistry Defined

Dr. Lampee and the rest of the Sleep Dentistry Defined team are experts at reversing gum disease. If you have swollen gums, loose teeth or bad breath, gum disease may be the culprit.

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Dental and Whole Body Health

Did you know that your dental health can impact your whole body health, and vice versa?

Patients who are treating diabetes, chronic sinus infections, Crohn’s Disease or even arthritis often find dealing with tooth and gum issues more difficult, and when their dental health suffers they find that makes their chronic health problems worse. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to – and can – be stopped!

Fighting Gum Disease with Periolase

I recently spoke with Helen Raptis on AMNW about a disease that affects millions of Americans – gum disease. While it is a common disease, fighting it in the past meant invasive oral surgery using scalpels and stitches – not something that any patient wants to hear!

But with our new Periolase MVP-7 laser, we can fight gum disease without resorting to the painful treatment tools of the past. I take Helen on a tour of the mouth to show her exactly what we can do with this revolutionary tool. Watch it now to see just how easy restoring tooth and gum tissue can be!

Mel’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Watch before and after video of Mel’s amazing Lampee Rejuvenation! Mel has been dealing with failing teeth for many, many years and finally decided he’d had enough! He came to us to discuss his options, and we created a personalized Lampee Rejuvenation plan just for Mel. Mel was absolutely thrilled with the results, and now enjoys the health benefits – and confidence – of having a completely restored smile. Lookin’ good Mel!

Mel’s Incredible Lampee Rejuvenation – One Year Later

You’ve seen Mel before, right after his Lampee Rejuvenation. Here’s what he thinks a year later. Spoiler alert: he still loves his smile!

Christie’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Check out Sleep Dentistry Defined’s latest commercial! Dr. Lampee and the entire Sleep Dentistry Defined team are here to help you completely transform your smile and restore your confidence!

Laser Gum Rejuvenation on AMNW

Severe gum disease can cause all kinds of havoc in your mouth: sensitive teeth, infected gums, bad breath. But your gums can be rejuvenated! With an advanced laser treatment, we can sterilize gum pockets, remove plaque and restore gums to health. Helen and I discuss how this is done and which patients are good candidates for laser gum rejuvenation.

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Root Canals

This time on AM Northwest, Helen and I discuss the dreaded ‘R’ word… root canals! Spoiler alert: with the latest dental tools and techniques, a modern root canal can be downright pleasant. And more importantly, root canals give us a relatively quick way to remove nasty bacteria in your mouth that can also infect the rest of your body. And when a root canal won’t do the trick, a dental implant just might.

Infections and Your Health

Many patients are surprised when I tell them that neglecting dental health can cause issues elsewhere in the body. That’s because your body works as a complete system: if one part of this system becomes weak or infected, other areas often have to do double-duty when it comes to fighting infection and trying to heal the body. Helen Raptis and I discuss dental infections and what you can do – besides brushing and flossing – to make sure you have optimal dental and full-body health.

AMNW Interview with Dr. Lampee and Winnie

Tammy Hernandez of AM Northwest recently visited the Sleep Dentistry Defined office to talk to me and my incredible patient Winnie! Winnie’s smile has been completely transformed by placing upper and lower implants to give her the smile she has always wanted. Winnie’s teeth are now strong, natural looking and let her eat what she wants without fear of damaging her smile or being embarrassed by teeth that don’t function like they should.

Rhys’ Lampee Rejuvenation

One of our outstanding patients, Rhys, just had dental implants done with a Lampee Rejuvenation at Sleep Dentistry Defined. Rhys wasn’t sure how to improve his smile, so he came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for advice. In just a couple of appointments we completely rejuvenated his smile! Rhys is so excited to have his smile back!

Victoria’s Life-Changing Implant Dentures

Victoria came in to Sleep Dentistry Defined just a few months ago without hope that she’d ever smile again. Her heath was declining and she knew her diseased teeth were making her overall health worse, but she didn’t know if there was anything she could do. Dr. Lampee worked with her and her doctors to create a rejuvenation plan that would completely restore her smile – and her life! Now she feels better and has more energy to enjoy time with her kids and grandkids. She looks and feels like a new woman!

Dr Lampee and Patient Bill

Patient Bill joins me to talk with Dave Anderson on AM Northwest about his experience dealing with colitis and how that has affected his dental health. By tackling all Bill’s dental problems at once instead of fighting infection tooth by tooth, we were able to significantly improve Bill’s dental health, not to mention give him a smile that he can be proud of every day!

AMNW Interview with Dr. Lampee and Bambi

Let me introduce you to Bambi, one of my favorite patients, who needed major dental work. She is so proud of her new smile that we both wanted to share her experience on AM Northwest. We discussed Bambi’s new dental implants with host Helen Raptis on this morning’s show.

Dori’s Implant Dentures

Dori had dealt with failing, decayed teeth for decades. Other dentists had encouraged her to keep her old teeth and patch them up one by one. When it became clear to Dori that it wasn’t working and that she’d be better off with a whole new smile, she called Sleep Dentistry Defined. We created a Lampee Rejuvenation plan for her that featured snap-in, snap-out implant dentures. In just a day of surgery and four months from beginning to end, Dori has a completely transformed smile! The decay in her mouth has been completely removed, and she absolutely loves her new teeth!

Dr Lampee and Patient Marlee

Marlee, one of my recent patients, joined me on AM Northwest to talk about her amazing smile makeover. We completely transformed her teeth in just two visits!

Crohn’s Disease and Dental Health

A lot of my patients have autoimmune disorders that make dental health very difficult. One of my patients, Arielle, has Ankylosing spondylitis and Crohn’s disease, and her symptoms and medications can lead to poor dental health. Arielle and I discuss how we helped her on this week’s AM Northwest.

Fixing Mercury Silver Fillings

Many of my patients come to me (sometimes after many years without seeing a dentist) with a very common issue – deteriorating old fillings. They used to be made with mercury and silver – but not anymore! With the latest porcelain fillings and implants, we can remove those metals from your mouth for good. Porcelain not only looks better, but it is strong and durable too. Give us a call today if you’d like to talk about fixing your old mercury silver fillings!

Dental Health During Cancer Treatment

Helen Raptis and I talk about an important topic for my patients who are or have recently undergone treatment for cancer.

Dr Lampee discusses implant dentures on AM Northwest

On this episode of AM Northwest, I talk to Helen about dental procedures that can help restore teeth after many, many years of decay. Implant dentures are a phenomenal option for patients who need major work because of other health issues that have caused tooth decay or gum disease over several years. Implant dentures are light-years ahead of traditional dentures in terms of fit, feel and care, and with sedation dentistry we can transform your smile in just a few office visits!

Parkinson’s Disease and Dental Health

On my last visit to AM Northwest, my patient Bob joined me to discuss his experience. Parkinson’s disease not only makes dental care very difficult for him, but some of the medications for Parkinson’s actually can lead to weakened teeth and enamel. We discuss how we addressed these issues for Bob, and how that has improved his quality of life.

Dr Lampee on AM Northwest: Implant Dentures

With advanced dental technology, we can replace one troublesome tooth or even all of the teeth with a snap-in, snap-out or screw-in implant that looks and feels just like real teeth.

I’ve had many patients come in over the years that feel like they’ll never be able to smile again. But with the technology available to us today, we can completely transform your smile and help you regain the function of your old teeth, and your confidence as well.

Dr Lampee discusses implant dentures on AM Northwest

If a patient has major issues with many teeth, often the best way to eliminate disease from the mouth is with complete implant dentures. By replacing the teeth with a prosthetic – either snap-in, snap-out or permanently affixed – we can remove diseased teeth and set our patients up on a path to renewed health.

Indicators for Mouth Cancer

This time on AM Northwest, Dr. Lampee and Helen Raptis discuss some of the types of oral cancer that are getting more attention and how you and your dentist can identify early warning signs so that you can get the best treatment possible. Dr. Lampee and the Sleep Dentistry Defined staff are trained to identify oral cancers in the mouth and throat. We recommend a dentist visit every six months to make sure your overall dental health – including any signs of something more serious – are monitored and fixed early.

Dr Lampee on AM Northwest – An Overview of Implant Dentures

Today on AM Northwest, Helen and I discussed the benefits of implant dentures over traditional dentures, and the different ways they can be done. So many of my patients have regained the ability to chew and talk, and have regained the confidence lost with their original teeth!

Dr Lampee on AM Northwest: Dental Implants

Dental implants are used when a tooth – or several teeth – are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. By fitting anywhere from one to eight implants, we can permanently anchor new, porcelain implants that feel and look fantastic! Watch the video to find out more, and give us a call if you’re interested in a consultation!

Dr Lampee on AM Northwest: Fighting Gum Disease with Periolase

Our new Periolase MVP-7 laser, we can fight gum disease without resorting to the painful treatment tools of the past. I take Helen on a tour of the mouth to show her exactly what we can do with this revolutionary tool. Watch it now to see just how easy restoring tooth and gum tissue can be!

Dr Lampee talks about dental implants on AM Northwest

As you may not have heard, the poorly fitting dentures your parents or grandparents had are a thing of the past! Instead, we can use implants in the upper or lower jaw to firmly secure custom-fit implant dentures, making it easy to eat, talk and socialize with confidence! So many of my patients have had great results with dental implants – I want to let everyone know about this fantastic option you have to completely rejuvenating their smiles!

Dr Lampee explains permanent dental implants on AM Northwest

Permanent implant dentures! With all-porcelain permanent implant dentures, you get the best feel possible while completely transforming your smile. And by planning your procedure ahead of time, we can now complete the procedure in as little as one day! It’s never been so easy to restore your smile!

Dr Lampee on AMNW: Dental Infections

Patients come in with persistent health issues all the time. They don’t even think their problems are related to dental health because their symptoms are in other places: their throat, sinuses or elsewhere in the body. But all of these systems can be impacted by dental infections. Helen and I discuss some of the issues I see and how they can be treated.

Dr Lampee on AM Northwest – Lampee Rejuvenation

Lampee Rejuvenation! It’s the method that we’ve developed at Sleep Dentistry Defined to completely restore a smile that may have been damaged by long term health problems, lots of small issues over the years, or even past dental work that isn’t holding up as well as it should.

Dr Lampee on AMNW – Implant Dentures

Helen Raptis of AM Northwest invited me on her show to talk about the many options patients have for implant dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures are firmly affixed to the mouth with snaps or screws, restoring chewing ability and much of the feel and function of your natural teeth.

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