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Dr. Lampee regularly shares his knowledge online and on TV. He has appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest and has had several dental implant patients share their success stories in video testimonials. Here are a few of our favorite clips that even include veneers and crowns!

Victoria’s Life-Changing Implant Dentures

Victoria came in to Sleep Dentistry Defined just a few months ago without hope that she’d ever smile again. Her heath was declining and she knew her diseased teeth were making her overall health worse, but she didn’t know if there was anything she could do. Dr. Lampee worked with her and her doctors to create a rejuvenation plan that would completely restore her smile – and her life! Now she feels better and has more energy to enjoy time with her kids and grandkids. She looks and feels like a new woman!

Dori’s Implant Dentures

Dori had dealt with failing, decayed teeth for decades. Other dentists had encouraged her to keep her old teeth and patch them up one by one. When it became clear to Dori that it wasn’t working and that she’d be better off with a whole new smile, she called Sleep Dentistry Defined. We created a Lampee Rejuvenation plan for her that featured snap-in, snap-out implant dentures. In just a day of surgery and four months from beginning to end, Dori has a completely transformed smile! The decay in her mouth has been completely removed, and she absolutely loves her new teeth!

Fixing Mercury Silver Fillings

Many of my patients come to me (sometimes after many years without seeing a dentist) with a very common issue – deteriorating old fillings. They used to be made with mercury and silver – but not anymore! With the latest porcelain fillings and implants, we can remove those metals from your mouth for good. Porcelain not only looks better, but it is strong and durable too. Give us a call today if you’d like to talk about fixing your old mercury silver fillings!

Indicators for Mouth Cancer

This time on AM Northwest, Dr. Lampee and Helen Raptis discuss some of the types of oral cancer that are getting more attention and how you and your dentist can identify early warning signs so that you can get the best treatment possible. Dr. Lampee and the Sleep Dentistry Defined staff are trained to identify oral cancers in the mouth and throat. We recommend a dentist visit every six months to make sure your overall dental health – including any signs of something more serious – are monitored and fixed early.

Parkinson’s Disease and Dental Health

On my last visit to AM Northwest, my patient Bob joined me to discuss his experience. Parkinson’s disease not only makes dental care very difficult for him, but some of the medications for Parkinson’s actually can lead to weakened teeth and enamel. We discuss how we addressed these issues for Bob, and how that has improved his quality of life.

AMNW Interview with Dr. Lampee and Winnie

Tammy Hernandez of AM Northwest recently visited the Sleep Dentistry Defined office to talk to me and my incredible patient Winnie! Winnie’s smile has been completely transformed by placing upper and lower implants to give her the smile she has always wanted. Winnie’s teeth are now strong, natural looking and let her eat what she wants without fear of damaging her smile or being embarrassed by teeth that don’t function like they should.


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