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Dr. Lampee regularly shares his knowledge online and on TV. He has appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest and has had several patients share their success stories in video testimonials. Here are a few of our favorite clips!

Rhys’ Lampee Rejuvenation

One of our outstanding patients, Rhys, just had dental implants done with a Lampee Rejuvenation at Sleep Dentistry Defined. Rhys wasn’t sure how to improve his smile, so he came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for advice. In just a couple of appointments we completely rejuvenated his smile! Rhys is so excited to have his smile back!

Reverse Gum Disease at Sleep Dentistry Defined

Dr. Lampee and the rest of the Sleep Dentistry Defined team are experts at reversing gum disease. If you have swollen gums, loose teeth or bad breath, gum disease may be the culprit.

Dr Lampee and Patient Bill

Patient Bill joins me to talk with Dave Anderson on AM Northwest about his experience dealing with colitis and how that has affected his dental health. By tackling all Bill’s dental problems at once instead of fighting infection tooth by tooth, we were able to significantly improve Bill’s dental health, not to mention give him a smile that he can be proud of every day!

AMNW Interview with Dr. Lampee and Bambi

Let me introduce you to Bambi, one of my favorite patients, who needed major dental work. She is so proud of her new smile that we both wanted to share her experience on AM Northwest. We discussed Bambi’s new dental implants with host Helen Raptis on this morning’s show.

Crohn’s Disease and Dental Health

A lot of my patients have autoimmune disorders that make dental health very difficult. One of my patients, Arielle, has Ankylosing spondylitis and Crohn’s disease, and her symptoms and medications can lead to poor dental health. Arielle and I discuss how we helped her on this week’s AM Northwest.

Dr Lampee and patient Marlee

Marlee, one of my recent patients, joined me on AM Northwest to talk about her amazing smile makeover. We completely transformed her teeth in just two visits!


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