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Dr. Lampee regularly shares his knowledge online and on TV. He has appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest and has had several patients share their success stories in video testimonials. Here are a few of our favorite clips!

Larry’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Watch our interview with Lampee Rejuvenation patient Larry. He came to us after years of dental and health issues thanks to encouragement from his wife. And he’s so glad he did! He feels completely transformed and is enjoying his new smile just a few months after his first visit.

Fighting Gum Disease with Periolase

I recently spoke with Helen Raptis on AMNW about a disease that affects millions of Americans – gum disease. While it is a common disease, fighting it in the past meant invasive oral surgery using scalpels and stitches – not something that any patient wants to hear!

But with our new Periolase MVP-7 laser, we can fight gum disease without resorting to the painful treatment tools of the past. I take Helen on a tour of the mouth to show her exactly what we can do with this revolutionary tool. Watch it now to see just how easy restoring tooth and gum tissue can be!

Christie’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Check out Sleep Dentistry Defined’s latest commercial! Dr. Lampee and the entire Sleep Dentistry Defined team are here to help you completely transform your smile and restore your confidence!

Infections and Your Health

Many patients are surprised when I tell them that neglecting dental health can cause issues elsewhere in the body. That’s because your body works as a complete system: if one part of this system becomes weak or infected, other areas often have to do double-duty when it comes to fighting infection and trying to heal the body. Helen Raptis and I discuss dental infections and what you can do – besides brushing and flossing – to make sure you have optimal dental and full-body health.

Mel’s Lampee Rejuvenation

Watch before and after video of Mel’s amazing Lampee Rejuvenation! Mel has been dealing with failing teeth for many, many years and finally decided he’d had enough! He came to us to discuss his options, and we created a personalized Lampee Rejuvenation plan just for Mel. Mel was absolutely thrilled with the results, and now enjoys the health benefits – and confidence – of having a completely restored smile. Lookin’ good Mel!

Mel’s Incredible Lampee Rejuvenation – One Year Later

You’ve seen Mel before, right after his Lampee Rejuvenation. Here’s what he thinks a year later. Spoiler alert: he still loves his smile!


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