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Snap-in Implant Dentures

Snap-in implant dentures are an advanced type of denture that are surgically placed in the jaw with an overdenture that snaps in. They’re more comfortable and stronger than traditional dentures, and can still be easily removed at home for cleaning.

If all or many of the lower or upper teeth need to be replaced, implant dentures can be an incredible way to bring back your smile. Unlike traditional dentures, which can fall out at embarrassing moments and make eating certain foods difficult – if not impossible – implant dentures can give you the confidence, practicality and look of a real set of teeth. By anchoring the implant to your jaw (sometimes called “all-on-four” implants, because of the four anchors commonly used), your teeth will be just as strong as your original teeth, are easy to clean, and won’t come out unless you want them to! Snap-in dentures are easy to clean at home by simply snapping them off the button-like anchors, yet are firmly held in place at all other times!

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