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When you think back about 2015, what comes to mind? Maybe you started or finished something very important to you. Or maybe you did something that you’ve never done before, or you learned something new. Take a minute to think back on the year. I hope something wonderful comes to mind. And if not, 2016 is here, and you’ve still got 50 weeks to see those New Year’s resolutions through!

For me, 2015 was a phenomenal year. For starters, I advanced my own skills and met several colleagues from all over the country at several advanced dental education seminars. I spent quite a bit of time in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Boston and Memphis to earn certifications from USC, the Spear Institute and other top dental organizations to make sure my skills are up to date and that I can offer my patients all the latest techniques available.

I also asked my longtime girlfriend if she would marry me. And she said yes!

For me personally that was the highlight (and I think it was for my fiancé too!), but I also loved helping so many other great people accomplish their dreams throughout the year. And I know that feeling is shared by all of us at Sleep Dentistry Defined. So I want to take a minute to look back at some of my patients who also had reason to celebrate in 2015.


Marlee’s smile looks fantastic after years of her not loving her teeth. She had stained, chipped teeth when she came to Sleep Dentistry Defined for the first time. During her initial consultation, we discussed her options and Marlee decided to go with porcelain veneers so that she could restore her smile to what her teeth looked like 20 or 25 years ago! Her new veneers were applied over two appointments, under sedation, and the results are simply incredible! Marlee now enjoys complete confidence in her beautiful smile.


Our patient Bill has dealt with colitis and related health issues for years, but in 2015 he decided enough was enough! Several medications for non-dental issues can have an adverse effect on your teeth and dental health. Over the years, low-grade infections had taken their toll on Bill’s teeth. He came in to Sleep Dentistry Defined and we discussed ways that we could address infections in his teeth, and keep the infections from coming back. We replaced Bill’s damaged teeth with dental implants, which in his case were much easier to keep clean, and has had a huge effect on his overall health. He feels better, looks better and can more effectively deal with his other health issues now that he doesn’t have to worry about his teeth!


Winnie came in to Sleep Dentistry Defined with traditional dentures, which if you’ve ever used them, you know that they are neither comfortable nor very useful! Winnie and I came up with the perfect way for her to be done with her dentures for good. By using our advanced CT scanner and creating a game plan for her new implant dentures, we were able to transform Winnie’s smile with just one surgery and a couple follow-up appointments. Many people like Winnie have lived with dental issues for years, but once a better way is presented they can’t wait to make the jump to something better. Winnie loves her new smile, and we do too! By making the leap to a new smile in 2015, Winnie can enjoy her new smile and added confidence for years to come.

I think you’ll all agree that these three individuals have a lot to be happy about. Here’s to 2015 and an even more amazing 2016!

If you have a success story to share, or want to talk about how we can make your 2016 a great dental year, give us a call.

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